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Paris Fashion Week SS19

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If you are in the business of fashion, fashion month is the time where you can’t afford to have a dead cellphone.

Everything, I repeat, everything is heavily dependent on it – maps, taxi apps, emails, texts, exchanging contacts, videos, photos just to name a few key functions. Knowing how well my Samsung performed during NZFW, and also supported by a few Forbes testimonials regarding its impressive storage space and battery life, I brought the new very-sleek (totally on brand) Note9 to Paris.


If you are familiar with a typical fashion week schedule, you would know that you won’t have the time for a long lunch break, furthermore charging your phone or dealing with a “Storage Almost Full” moment. Thankfully, I did not experience any of the above. I have a phone with expandable memory that can go up to 1TB storage.



AALTO SS19, filmed on Samsung Galaxy Note9 from the 2nd row

I was lucky enough to have a photographer Tracey assisting me most of the time. However, there are many events like runway shows and dinner parties where my crew is not allowed.

Her advice: Take the Note9, leave the DLSR at home.

I agree. A clutch-sized camera that captures quality contents, perform well within distance and under low light condition is a remarkable tool to rely on.

GUCCI x Michael Clark Company performance, filmed on Samsung Galaxy Note9 under low light condition


The Note9 provides a fascinating pro mode which allow users to have full control over the exposure, white balance and ISO. As an art director and photographer, I’m in heaven! Despite being a tiny compact equipment, its image resolution is sufficient to print a full page A4 magazine ad, in the print production language: 210x297mm, 300dpi.


Photographed on Samsung Galaxy Note9, pro mode.

And last but not least…


Let’s face it, it’s not a good look charging your phone publicly at any high profile events. The Note9 so far survived for the whole day under intensive usage and 2 days whilst in transit.



Best, Aki x


This article is sponsored by Samsung NZ.
Photography by Tracey Creed.