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Staycation with Sofitel Wellington

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There are two types of travellers: one that will choose to spend most of their money on itinerary and less on the hotel; then there’s another type who will choose a pretty looking hotel and dedicate some time to enjoy the hotel and its services. I’m the latter.

For someone that travels a lot for work like me, hotels are second homes, office and sanctuary. They have to look and feel almost like home, if not better. Sofitel hotels always have great reputation for their architecture designs and hospitality. In this article, I’m covering their Wellington hotel for a weekend staycation.

If I don’t have time and energy to travel too far, Wellington and Queenstown will be my choice of escapism.

Sofitel Wellington offers a unique experience as you step into the facade. It is an indoor botanical garden where floral scent and greenness lies within the air, yet well-balanced with its French luxury accents. It’s a destination you want to be, with your camera and plenty of digital storage space.

I always believe in splurging on a great hotel stay. If you do plan to book a room with Sofitel Wellington, the Opera suite is pure heaven.

Best, Aki

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