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A love affair with Sofitel Wellington

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For some, hotels are holiday stays; for others, they are luxury treats. For someone that travels a lot like me, they are second homes. I have always been a lover of the Sofitel hotels, for its enthusiasm for art, its personalised customer experiences, its outstanding hospitality but on top of that, its home-sweet-home feeling.

Wellington, also known as the little Melbourne of New Zealand, houses some of the artistic attractions like cafes, chocolate factories, theatres and street arts. Sofitel Wellington without a doubt is an attraction itself.

Join me for a photo tour of this inspiring destination.



Sofitel Wellington offers a unique experience as you step into the facade. It is an indoor botanical garden where floral scent and greenness lies within the air, yet well-balanced with its French luxury accents. It’s a destination you want to be, with your camera and plenty of digital storage space.



I always believe in splurging on a great hotel, even it’s only for the last night. A good hotel stay keeps you recharged but a great hotel stay elevates your trip.


Best, Aki




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