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Oh Paris…

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With the end of SS18 fashion month at Paris, the issue on how fashion affects our environment were raised
higher than ever amongst media and fashion bloggers.

“Fashion was once a major factor in encouraging the demand for clothes, jewelry, and objects made from wildlife parts.
But magazines can now send a different message: that wild animals belong in the wild, and that ivory is not beautiful unless
on the tusk of a living animal.” stated Angelina Jolie in her latest interview for Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary.

The awareness grew with the news where Gucci joined the likes of Armani, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and
Tommy Hilfiger to ban the use of fur in their collections. As a fan of the brands, I couldn’t be more proud that
those big boys (which are the inspirations of high street fashion) are leading the way towards a truly sustainable future.

But, we still have a long way to go.

Fashion, like advertising, can be a vehicle of change. We fashion bloggers and consumers, should start getting involved
by being more conscious with our purchases, cut down the demand on exotic wildlife products and
celebrate the sustainable designs.

No demand, no supply. Simple as that.

Wearing Mariana Jungmann SS18 collection for Paris Fashion Show, constructed with recycled polyester.

Aki xoxo

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  1. Excellent!!! Well thought out and applicable to all of us and it’s about changing our attitudes and perspectives because Changes begin and starts with ourselves we need to preserve and respect the animals as they have no voice but we can be there voice –

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