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Buying Shoes Online

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We all know that picking a shoe size can be difficult sometimes, and it is frustrating when you’re looking forward to them just to unwrap a pair that doesn’t fit you. I have always been an online shopping enthusiast, and I have to say…shopping for shoes has taken a lot of trial and error. But the reward is that it widens your choices to retailers all over the world.

Here is a guide I created based on my personal experience, and hopefully you find it helpful!

This is always the first thing I check. When this information is not on the site or I am not convinced I have enough information, I always email the customer service to get the exact measurements of the product.

When buying boots, I always size it up by half for more comfort.

Memorise this:

The same brand might even have a different fit for different styles. For example, I’m a size IT36 for Gucci heels, but IT35 for their white sneakers. Christian Louboutin: I am a IT35.5 for open toe, IT36 for most styles, IT36.5 for pointy toe (Pigalle). Sound like a pro? 😉

Bought a pair of Nike sneakers in my heel size, and I ended up with something way too small for my feet. Silly me!

I am a fan of pointy toe shoes, but they’re always more of a narrow fit, so I make sure I always size it up a little when buying them.

Shoes: Senso and Gucci Peyton Pearl Pump

Love, Aki xoxo

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