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Paris Fashion Week: Rowen Rose SS20

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What I love about exploring European fashion month is that you get to meet so many new designers and creative talents around the world. This year, Rowen Rose is a major highlight of my Paris Fashion Week discovery.

Based in Paris, and produced in Milan, the label is based on unique yet wearable handmade pieces: aiming to create a wearable and new quality couture. Art, cinema and poetry are the starting points of the collections: Emma Rowen Rose aims to create an intelligent fashion, with cultural references to share and images to create. Rowen Rose represents a sophisticated and androgynous elegance, with always structural and detailed garments. Chic but with attitude, the Rowen Rose woman is strong, and accepts her powerful woman figure. She is complex, mysterious, and always contrasted, in between two sides and two worlds. Aesthetically but also ethically as the clothes are made with tradition but using new fabrics and concepts to respect the environment. Clashing contraries.


From a multicultural background, Emma Rowen Rose was born and raised in Paris in 1996 by a French, Spanish and Polish family. Passionate about all forms of art from a very young age, she quickly starts being obsessed by fashion. Since then she has been devoting her life to it. Multitasking today in the field, the designer created her own collections with ROWEN ROSE in 2018.


Inside Rowen Rose’s SS20 Paris showroom, houses the childhood dream of the designer. I visited Rowen Rose on a quiet, sunny afternoon, it almost feels like walking into Alice’s Wonderland. The beautiful showroom was a breathtaking 60s sensation, elevated by the sound of birds chirping and a subtle scent of roses from the garden. I was welcomed by a cup of tea in an intricate porcelain, the storytelling begins.

“To me an universal happy moment was childhood and that’s how the collection started: DayDreaming like a child. How to explore childhood and happiness in the collection…”

Filled with the great 60s connotation, the collection is feminine, but powerful. It’s sophisticated with a touch of playfulness, a touch of daringness – simply the mirror image of the designer.

Rowen Rose can be purchased from Moda Operandi.

Best, Aki