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“Now is the time for thoughtful fashion”

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Rings in 100% recycled silver.


Right at the airport magazine shelves, in a sea of magazines addressing topics like Jennifer Aniston’s dating rumours and new season fashion edits, I picked up the March issue of Vogue Australia fronted by Emma Watson with a quote next to her:
“Now is the time for thoughtful fashion.”

It is indeed.


Fashion labels with purpose are more relevant than ever. By supporting their clothing, you are doing more than boosting the retail economy, you are part of a global movement in shaping a more responsible and sustainable future. Same applies to fashion magazines – it’s more interesting to talk about meaningful change than just the newest shape and shades of our clothes. Thank you Vogue Australia, for making the March issue an inspirational one.



As we enter the third decade of fast fashion with China’s rapid-fire production line help doubled the global clothing manufacturing between 2000-2014, 40% of our landfill is clothing*. There is more than enough materials that can be recycled to reduce the impact on raw materials.

In the recent years, the voice of thoughtful fashion has been amplified by the big fashion and beauty players. New organisation roles revolving around environmental health like Chief Sustainability Officer rises in demand. Consumer awareness on sustainability issues increases, with both Western and Eastern millennials being more conscious of their shopping choices nowadays and willing to pay for more ethical clothing above all else.


Lace blouse in recycled polyester, dress in recycled polyester & metalised fibre.



Being an advertising & PR agency art director, photographer, stylist and running The Sleek Avenue, I’m always aware of how short the life cycles of our clothing/props per campaign is, and the damage only gets bigger with the marketing calendar and client’s budget. When H&M sent through the press release, the idea of producing this photoshoot and penned my opinions towards green fashion was sparked – it just makes sense to support this significant movement.

This powerful yet feminine collection combined the latest sustainable fabric innovation with designs inspired by the creative home of the Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson. This year, along with organic linen, organic cotton, organic silk, TENCELTM and recycled polyester, H&M introduces two new materials: recycled silver and ECONYL® (a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets and other nylon waste) into the collection. These beautiful creations will be available from 19 April in selected stores worldwide.


Dress in organic silk and pants in recycled polyester & polyamide.


Change will not happen overnight but the increase in awareness is an undeniable moving force. Let’s keep promoting thoughtful fashion and taking responsibility in our fashion choices – you would never know where these little sparks might lead to.


Aki xx


This photoshoot is produced, art directed and styled by The Sleek Avenue.
Wearing H&M Conscious Exclusive 2018 Collection.
Make up using M.A.C Cosmetics Chromaline hi-def Cyan, matte lipstick Really Me.
Photography assisted by Andrea Bighetti.



*Vogue Australia March 2018 issue

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