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Photography: An art of storytelling

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There’s an old saying: a picture tells a thousand words. I couldn’t agree more. But what makes a good picture? The camera? The photographer? The lighting? For me, above it all – the idea.

If you’re struggling to understand what the masthead photo is all about, I’m going to tell you that I’m the art director, model, stylist and sometimes photographer of my photo productions. I often set up my camera and frame the composition before getting my lovely assistant to capture the photos. Furthermore, there were times where I was photographing or filming contents with the help of a tripod and timer.

The beauty of hustle life.


Photography: an art of converying a message, a story, without physically explaining what the picture means to the viewers. If a photo has the ability to touch someone’s heart, make someone smile, laugh or feel some kind of emotional connection – that my friend, is a good photo.



Whilst it’s great to understand the technicality of your machine, many great photographers will tell you that camera is just the equipment, and the most important thing is your eye – how you see beauty, how you view the world. I once had a photographer took some amazing photos of me with a $150 dinosaur, a 10 years old D200, proven that great photography can be achieved without having the latest or most expensive gear.



Personally, I’m very fussy when it comes to the finest details of my photos. Why am I wearing what I’m wearing? Why the background? Warm or cool tone? Dark mysterious or well-lit environment? Is the lamp needed in the frame? Planning often takes longer than the actual photoshoot but the outcome is always worth it.


Self-portrait photography


AKI xoxo

Photo 1 assisted by Melanie Tuala and photo 3 assisted by Elena Sharma