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The Hoodie Trend

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I’ve always thought hoodies are for graffiti artists,
an ex-boyfriend of mine always wear them with a few spray cans in his pockets
(please don’t judge me now).

Ever since Alessandro Michele introduced some elaborated hoodies
into the Gucci collections, I instantly felt in love with them.

When choosing a hoodie, I tend to look for something with a modern bang:
think oversized hood, intricate detailing or playful colours.

My first hoodie is from the REVOLVE house brand: LPA
and boy, look at those flame embroidery!!!

Scroll down and hope you like the way I style it 🙂




So hot you rock my socks!


Hi-lo dressing is the art of combining formal and casual pieces in a way that strips the former of its stuffiness,
and the latter of its off-duty vibe.

Personally, I like to pair my hoodie with a structured skirt. If you worry it might be too offbeat for your taste,
here are some pairing options you may try.

Hoodies (left to right): Just for FunPaige FloralFenty by PumaCoral

Matching bottoms (left to right): Bandage SkirtMetallic Pleat • Lace Up SkinnyMetallic Skinny



I keep my shoes simple when there is a lot going on above.

Khaki Giuseppe Zanotti • Red Schutz • Tony Bianco


Aki xoxo

6 thoughts on “The Hoodie Trend”

  1. Dear Aki,

    This look is such an inspiration! It should be in a fashion magazin and on Pinterest!! Its just a pure perfection. I love seeing your photos!!
    This hoodie is great and I love that you have paired with heels and a skirt – I cannot even express how much I love this idea and this look 🙂


    1. Nawww lovely Renia, thank you so much for such a lovely feedback. Your words truly touched me and made such a great motivation for me to do good work! Thank you, coming from you, my muse. xxx Aki

  2. I like this light red pinstriped hoodies , the color is full of naturally fresh sense in hot days. I agree with you that whites it’s hard to keep anything white, fresh and clean for the next season. But I still like white t shirt, white dress and white blouse. The white color is really easy to pair with other outfits.

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